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Monday, 18 July 2011

"My Pastor Said No!"-Flowers for a Church Ceremony

My floral teacher, we'll call her Janet, once told us a story about a bride, her parents and their priest:
The bride had gorgeous floral arrangements that hung off of 5ft candle stands that were attached to the end of each pew-must have been impressive!  BUT when the priest saw them he informed Janet that the candles were not to be lit.  Janet was stunned and went and told the parents and the bride, who immediately started to have panic attacks.   Janet went back to the priest and begged but he refused and Janet ran back to the parents, the music was starting now, and the father of the bride told Janet to light the candles "Who is paying you?" is actually what was said.  So just before the bride walked down the aisle Janet and her assistants ran down the aisle and lit all the candles while the priest looked on and fumed.  I had a priest, my own priest actually at my cousin's wedding, tell me that we were not allowed to close the inside doors.  My cousin wouldn't get out of the car until they were closed and Fr was being adamant-I finally begged and the rest of the service went on without a hitch.  I've had wedding planners tell me that they don't deal with pastors-they don't want to fall into that hornet's nest.......noticing a trend here?

Places of worship, because this includes any and all religions, have protocol based on religious beliefs, past experiences and, well, the pastor's own personal thoughts (and this also works for the "event" lady who can sometimes yield even more power).  Just like any building that you would enter you must respect the fact that you are in someone else's "home" and not just home but their place of worship....it doesn't always make sense but chances are you need to accept the rules if you want to be married there.
Instead of 2 arrangements on either side what about one on the alter table
Photo by Sweet Pea Photography
When I meet with a couple my first question is always "What are the rules" and if they don't know we move forward with the consultation but I always tell them they must find out if what we're discussing is permitted.  Most places, even out door venues, will not allow real rose petals but on the whole arrangements at the front and back of the church are permitted.  Pew markers, that do not use tape or some other pew marring attachment, are generally allowed and if your church has a main alter or any religious statues you're usually OK in placing floral arrangements at their base.

We were not permitted to move the four yellow arrangements but because the couple's arrangements were neutral it worked out
Whenever I walk into a new church I always try and make friends with whomever is there, really just to let them know I respect where I am and am in no way trying to call the shots, it can really be helpful for future events and if I need a favour, well, I'm already on their good side (I hope:))
Modern coloured flowers in a traditional church-works!

Heritage church calls for modern design-don't you think?
Photo by Union Photographers

Some churches ask that you leave arrangements behind so you can always promise to bring your arrangements back, if you're planning on using them at the reception, or you can have your designer arrange something small but still fits into your design scheme.
Less expensive container and smaller but still the same flowers as the main arrangements

Even simple pew markers can be left behind....these lilies can easily be removed from their hooks and the bow removed and lilies can be placed in a vase the church already owns

Sweet Pea Photography
The moral of the story is ask, ask, ask....no vendor wants to be put on the spot like that (we really kinda hate it actually) and you don't want to be stressed out, or worse yet, have all your arrangements sit in the van outside.

Do you have any stories to share?

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