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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Carnation Adoration

I LOVE CARNATIONS!!  There I said it! and I refuse to take it back:)  Seriously what's not to love? and we're not going back in time to blue carnations with a stem of baby's breath sitting in a sad little bud vase, we're talking en mass in natural colours and soft scents of clover......heaven!

At a fraction of the cost of a rose they are perfect for a couple on a budget and I've yet to meet a couple not on a budget.  When used together in bunches it adds a frilly texture, even mimicking a peony and who doesn't love a peony?, that you simply cannot get from a rose.

Here are some photos of bouquets I have designed using carnations.....

An all carnation, in white and mint green, bouquet for this super fun bride
Match Studio
 Dark pink mini-gerbera daisies, kermit mums, spray roses and soft pink carnations for a fresh look

White carnations and cream roses for a soft feel

And for this bride's cutie little flower girl I designed a red carnation pomander ball with aqua-modern!!
Lucida Photography
What about ceremony you ask?  Why yes!  YES!!

Pew Markers of fluffy white carnations to decorate the aisle

Wreaths to hang from the door to let everyone know this is where the party starts!
Mischa Bartkow Photography
Dan Fontaine Photography
 What about these impressive arrangements?  250, yes 250 each piece, hot pink carnations were used to create these alter pieces-you certainly can't ignore them!
Dan Fontaine Photography
But will they work for centerpieces too?  SURE DO!

who wouldn't be impressed by a 5ft tree with spheres of different sizes all using carnations?  Actually so many people came up to me and were shocked they were carnations!
Small balls take approximately 40 carnations; Medium balls take approximately 65 carnations and Large balls take about 100
This was used on a head table and flanked by some jumbo white hydrangea and some spray roses-it works perfectly together!

 LOVE this for as an option for a low centerpiece-still very dramatic!
Designed by Eddie Ross
 IMAGINE walking into a reception and seeing these beauty's all lined up-your jaw would drop and so would your guests
Designed by The Place for Flowers

Lucida Photography

 These purples are eye catching and come in 4 glorious shades....they are grown locally by a man that specializes in growing purple flowers

Instead of just laying your bouquet on the head table what about a "pillow" for it?  Couldn't you see it running the length of the table to hold all of the bouquets?

And finally something for your cake because you can't have a party without cake!
Designed by Eddie Ross
Cake, cupcakes, cookies-really you couldn't go wrong here!  It would be a real show stopper!

I hope I was able to sway your perception of carnations...a multitude of colours, inexpensive and look FANTABULOUS en mass!!  Would you consider using them at your next special event?

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