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Friday, 15 April 2011

Feather Fancy

Do you love feathers?  There's just something about the way a breeze can set them fluttering that just catches your eye and you have no choice but to watch it flutter

Here are a few stunning bouquets using feathers.....

LOVE the use of different types of feathers and the beautiful little detailed brooch that acts like the center of a flowers.....

By La Plume Ethere
These really look like fluffy flowers!!  So fanciful!  If you love feather accessories view La Plume Ethere's Etsy site-so girly and pretty!!

How about this beauty for some drama? 

Here are a couple of bouquets that I have done using feathers....

As seen in WedLuxe Magazine

What do you think of a black boa wrapped around the base of the bouquet and  coming down the front as a dramatic tail?

Or a few feathers in the bouquet...

Photo courtesy of Triplecord Photography
Would you add feathers to your bouquet?  Or a bouquet of feathers?  Something dark and dramatic or something light and airy? 
Whatever your choice adding feathers to your bouquet is something unexpected and fun for the bride wanting something a little different.

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