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Monday, 18 April 2011

YAY for Gardening!!

I LOVE GARDENING!!  A lot of people think that florists and gardening are synonymous but are two different art forms and I am blessed to have a passion for both!  I bought my home about 13 years ago and from the day I walked through the door I have had a picture of my ideal garden in my head....I drive my husband nuts!!  Gardening and landscaping are a lot of money. A LOT!  Never mind the time:)  so I do it in fits and spurts planting things in the strangest places and putting rocks around it so the boys don't mow my babies down (yes I plant things in the middle of the grass) reassuring my family that there is a plan-in my head! 
I purchase many of my seeds from Salt Spring Seeds They carry heritage and heirloom seeds that they ship to your house-I squeal in delight when I get my shipment (I can't help it!) I had the honour of going to their farm on Salt Spring Island and have been in love with their dedication to plants and the earth and the quality of their products ever since.  But just like everyone else I buy plants from hardware stores, gardening centers (I tend to buy my perennials here as they tend to have a guarantee and are better quality), craigslist (YES!  craigslist and other similar sites quite often have avid gardener's looking to share their plants for free-and free is GOOD!)
But now for some photos......
Here are my tomato babies growing in one of my windows right now.....
Roma, Ardwyn Paste, Carbon Beefsteak, Pine Fog, and more
Can't wait to get these babies into their permanent home in the yard and then on my plate-MMMM

This past week I've been turning the soil with it's newly laid manure, cow if you must know:).  I don't use any pesticides or chemicals on my plants choosing to garden with compost and poop! HAHA

These are some of my little ones growing in the garden as we I write this.....
Tree peony
I first saw a tree peony when my family took me to a local Japanese Garden and I thought I might die from love!  The bloom was as large as my head! This is the third year in my garden and the first bloom may show-SO EXCITED!!
Magnolia Tree
This is my second magnolia tree, first one died but I'm not quite sure why, but LOOK at the number of blooms on this one!  I didn't know their flowers had a soft scent but they do and I can't wait to stick my face in their glorious blooms:)
Purple lupins
I really love lupins, and so do the bees, but how do I keep the aphids off?  any suggestions out there?
Even greenery, like this madrona, has the prettiest little trumpet like flower in the spring.

The birds and bees love my garden, I have two finch nests in the yard right now-BABIES YAY!, and I can hear them again-makes my heart sing!  It's still a little cold out to really get into the real nitty gritty of it all but can't wait!  I will keep you updated on my babes (and if that peony does bloom you'll be one of the first to see the pictures!) I also love to share my plants so if you would like some clippings send me a message-I'm happy to share. 
Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get more poop!  (LOL)

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