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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Centerpieces fit for a Royal

So I'm jumping on the Royal Wedding blogging bandwagon.  I mean, hey, we're less than a week away and this is my first one so I better get with it, right!   And I figured why not start BIG with some over the top centerpieces....nothing like walking into a room and having your breath just taken away with the grandeur of it all.

Let's start with one of my personal favorite designers-Preston Bailey....his entire philosophy is to "go big or go home" (Oh Preston, a man after my own heart:))
It's a spring wedding after all-why not over the top TULIPS  This commoners flower made royal!

Here are some other fantastic royal options...

David Tutera Photo by Allegro

Design Fusion by Jerry Sibal Photo Brian Dorsey

Fresh Floral Creations Photo Ron Manville
 Why limit yourself to one over the top centerpiece Kate and Wills?  Why not three?

Petal Designs Photo Malomen

This is one that I designed for the WedLuxe Magazine Star Power Photo Shoot but I figured that it would still be a fantastic option for the Royal Couple (Kate, if you're reading this I can still fly out and make a couple of hundred for your tables:))

Jana Vackova Photography

Jana Vackova Photography
(just a shout out to my favorite carnations used in the ring at the bottom of the centerpiece and as the fluffy little napkin ring holder)

Now with all these options wouldn't it be just a royal dream to be able to re-create these for your wedding BUT in the real world not many of us have a royal budget so use these photos as inspiration for your perfect day.   On your wedding day you ARE the princess marrying your Prince Charming:)

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