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Friday, 20 May 2011

Summer Wedding Flip Flops-YES!!

It's the first long weekend of the summer and it's gorgeous out so I'm thinking flip flops!  When I was younger flip flops were called something else, I won't mention it here but it is now considered a type of underwear (LOL), and were plastic and only good for one beachy season but now....OH NOW they've come a loooong way!

Destination & beach weddings are big business now and why on earth, as much as I LOVE them, would you wear a pair of heels.....especially when there are some fantastically cute flip flops now!

Check out these one for a bride...and for $11seriously you can't go wrong!
rocktheflops' shop, etsy

Prefer something in blue with a touch of bejeweled these are a stunner!  and the peacock feather-so pretty!
smc801's shop, etsy

I have a pair of these puppies studded with swarovsky crystals (of course I do-this isn't shocking anyone I know:)) and they are a little pricier but worth every penny!!  I've had them for three years and walked all over Italy with them-comfortably!
CrystalMeFlipFlops' Shop, etsy
Prefer more of a "real shoe" flip flop
Love the dragon fly crystal adornment on this Kate Spade shoe
And for those of you that are a true beach purist this one is for you!
Lady Bead
You can have the prettiness of a fancy shoe with the ability to run your manicured piggies through the hot sand....ahhh!

With all this inspiration go out and get yourself a pedi and a pair of pretty new thongs.....oh I mean...you know what I mean:-)

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