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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Let them eat.....anything but cake

You know I love cake....really I love cake!  Sponge, red velvet, carrot (just to name a few) and oh the frosting MMM  But I know there are some of you out there don't share my gastrolove of cake but even so why should you be left out?

The first time I heard of anything other than a cake, or a cupcake cake, was when I worked on a wedding two years ago.  The bride loved pie (just as much as I love cake) and she figured why did she have to have a cake just because people thought she had....and you know what?  She was right!  She had cake plates of varying heights with individual blue berry and lemon meringue pies.
Magnolia Photographic
You love pie but want something that looks a little more like a traditional cake.....
Marburger Farm Events
I have no idea what these pies consist of but I would be willing to find out:)

My husband is French and a traditional cake for them is a croquembouche (translated to "crunch in the mouth")  They are little balls of pastry filled with cream and then, usually, spun sugar is draped all over it (really, it can't be wrong!)......this one from Martha Stewart is lovely!

Pretty sure your guests jaws would drop when they saw this!
Martha also featured this gorgeous ice cream cake (oh I love ice cream too! haha)  Now, it would have to make a sudden (and an elaborate entrance to match it's grandeur) but there is no way your guests wouldn't melt (come on you know I had to say it! LOL) when they saw it

Chef Florian Bellanger
Now, guess what...I love cheese cake too! (I know, hard to believe) so what about individual cheesecakes on a tower?

Lick the Spoon
NOW for the super adventurous, and those of us that can have a cheese plate for desert, there is a place just for you!  Norbiton Fine Cheese Co has some F-I-N-E lookin cheese!

Have you been to a wedding where they didn't have a traditional wedding cake?  What did you eat (or serve)?  Because "let them eat cake" is so last century!

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