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Thursday, 23 June 2011

There's a Groom in the Building!

I am a little obsessed with "Say Yes to The Dress" and truth be told with most every wedding show on TV and one thing I'm noticing is that more and more fiancĂ©'s are going bridal dress shopping with their future brides.  This is going to sound really old fashion, I KNOW, but I'm not sure how I feel about that.

I asked my husband his thoughts and his exact words are "It's odd!  Why do they need to be there?  It's supposed to be a surprise from her to him."

Dress by Pnina Tornai
Not really sure where the tradition came from, I did google it but there was a lot of confusion on this including that it was OK for him to see the dress just not her in the dress. So, I'm thinking somewhere along the way someone said it was bad luck and it has just stuck.  Now I understand each "tradition" that we hold is based in some form of superstition or religious tradition but I have to say, gonna sound like a Nonna again here, it's just the way it's done!  (So old LOL)
Dress by Pnina Tornai

Dresses by Vera Wang
On these shows I've seen everything from opinionated, sometimes a little mean, men to men that look so uncomfortable they would feel better in the feminine product isle of their local drug store.  I know that some guys want to make sure that their Bride's dress makes her look her most flattering....k, gonna stop right here-does he not trust her to make the right decision for her body type?  Does he pick all her outfits?  For me this could start a whole other conversation......anyway I get that he wants to be part of the decision making process but does he have to be involved in this one?  Can't he help with the cake or flower selection instead?
Dress by Vera Wang
Ultimately it's not my choice or for me to judge but I was curious to see what other people thought.  Any Bride's out there that wanted their fiance there?  did he insist?  or was it a complete surprise? 

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  1. Men don't belong in a bridal boutiques!! The dress is all about the bride. It's one of those things that we've thought about for years and years. If my husband had wanted to come with me to find a dress I would have laughed. Ultimately, your grooms only job as far as your dress is concerned is to tell you how beautiful you are in it.... on your wedding day when he sees it for the first time!