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Monday, 16 May 2011

I SURVIVED a 12 year old's Birthday sleep over (PS there is a Guac recipe here too:))

Can I just say how proud of myself I am....I survived 6 x 12 year old boys (and two teenagers) for a birthday sleep over!   Here are some of the tricks, and vendors, I used to pull off this incredible feat:)

Well you can't have a party without some guests and you can't have guests if you don't have cards to invite them so I called my good friend Jessica Boffo of Kardz Kouture.  I told her a little about the party, basically pizza and video games-really what else can you do!  haha Oh and Antonio's, my son, favorite colour is sky blue and she designed these fun kardz for us to give out.....
Even the envelopes were customized with the same photo in the bottom left corner and a little taste of the info on the inside was written on the back flap~and I was the girl that said "OH boy's don't need envelopes"  she said I was wrong and, well, she was right:)

The next thing you kinda need, maybe just a thought, is food-and with all these boys you need F-O-O-D!
Kids and adults = chips so I had the old stand by's but for the grown ups I had some other options including multi-grain nachos, SO much tastier than the standard ones and I accompanied that with my home made salsa, good for you and YUMMY! and a home made guacamole which is always a big hit....here is the recipe:
2 ripe (firm but not squishy) avacodes
4-5 cloves of garlic
(do you love garlic?  add more!  can't go wrong here:))
1/3 cup of cilantro
1/4 cup of salsa
(I used some of my homemade stuff but this is a great way to use up some of the old stuff in your fridge)
1/4 cup of sour cream
1 lime juiced
salt, pepper, cumin powder to taste
I use a mini-food processor, you can mash everything together using a fork but I'm lazy:)  I start with the garlic and cilantro (so by the end it is well blended into everything) and chop it up some and then I add the avacodoes and blend a bit more add the salsa and the sour cream and lime juice as well as some of the seasoning and blend baby blend!  I then taste to make sure it doesn't need some more seasoning or lime juice or anything and blend it until it is rather smooth.  Keep it refridgerated until ready to serve and it's best to make it at least a few hours, not the day before though because avacodoes can brown, so the flavours can marry together.

Rice Krispies treat "pizza" (my home made raspberry jam is the "sauce" so it's not ALL bad! LOL)

Mom made me some jam filled maid of honour tarts-BIG hit!!

Peanut butter chocolate squares (didn't have oats so I crushed shreddies instead-mmm)
Cake was a big deal!  Antonio is a HUGE Cake Boss fan and I normally make family cakes (this year's request was a red velvet with cream cheese icing) so I decided to surprise him with a cake in the shape of a calzone (one of his favorite foods).  I contacted Jennifer, from Jennifer Stafford Events.  She made my husband's birthday cake for me last year and it was so great I had to call her again
Even had the tomato sauce dipping container and a fork!

Birthday boy was so excited!
I needed a "goodie bag" so I called my friend Kassie Doucet of Bliss Designs to make me some of yummy organic sugar cookies.  Jessica, Kardz Kouture, sent Kassie the file used on the invites with the word "thank you" typed in at the bottom and Kassie printed them out on edible paper with edible inks and the kids (and parents) just loved them!! 
SERIOUSLY how could you not love these!!
A lot of fun, some work, and a happy, happy boy makes it all worth it but now it's time to sleep........

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