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Monday, 11 July 2011

Bling isn't just for the Bride's ring anymore

Do you stop at every jewelry store window?  Do flashes of light catch your eye?  YUP, me too!  I am a true taurus and love anything sparkly (probably more than I should admit).....so for those of you like me why not add some light catching pretty to your bouquet??

John Heil Photography 

Sweet Pea Photography

All of the above photos are using Swarovski Cyrstals  so a little costlier but the sparkle factor is unbelievable....they really look like diamonds!  So pretty!!!
And there are coloured crystals as well.....which can add a completely different feel to the bouquet!

Sweet Pea Photography
Of course there are less expensive options as well and they can be just as pretty.........
Kim Christie Photography

These are corsage pins-looks great!
Black crystals in the centre of the stephanotis and crystals in the bouquet-DRAMA!

Even gerbera daisies look cute with their purple accent
Maybe crystals in the bouquet aren't your thing but the handle now that's a whole different story!
For the BLING bride-a complete handle of crystals!

Or just a few lining the handle

Or smaller crystals on the handle but still complete coverage

Or what about just a beautiful buckle?  John Heil Photography
Whatever your blingy style or budget there is an option for you so put your sun glasses on and have some fun!

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