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Friday, 18 March 2011


Hello and welcome to my very first blog post-I have to say this is more than a little stressful....my first post!  What should I write about?  A friend, the fantastic Jeanette from Delovely Creative, said write something fun and about things I love, like flowers and shoes!,  so I thought how perfect two things I know something about.

Spring is coming, at some point soon I hope, so how about some photos of some of my spring bouquets 

this one is comprised of peonies, tulips, lisianthus, ranunculus, roses and lily of the valley-the scent was unbelievable!  There were strands of tiny sheer ribbon, you get the hint of them there at the bottom, that I attached crystals too.  Wouldn't  a pair of shoes like these, by Steve Madden, go perfectly?

Are tulips your spring flower of choice?  They are the little flower that could!  They spring like nothing else!  I designed these bouquets out of tulips, the Bride has all parrot tulips and the bridesmaid's are "ruffle cut" (yes, their official name that I just made up:)) tulips.
Photo courtesy of John Heil Photography
You'll notice the stunning pave crystals I used in the bride's bouquet-blinged up tulips-who knew but worked so wonderfully!  I love these pretty shoes with just a tiny row of crystals at the top of the "peep" takes this subtle shoe to WOW (just like the crystals in the bouquet)
“Charcas” shoe by Harriet Wilde
Think I've gone on long enough for a first time.  Hope you enjoyed your first visit to my new blog-feel free to leave comments or let me know if you have any suggestions to what you would like to see.  Have a GREAT weekend everyone-I'll blog to ya soon (too corny??)  LOL


  1. Good job. I'll be checking regularly :)
    You are already bookmarked as a favorite!


  2. Great job! Welcome to the blogging world.