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Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Do you LOVE colour?

There are couples that prefer a wedding of tone on tone whites and there are some that love the idea of their decor, flower and dress colours matching and then there are couples that LOVE colour!  If you are one of these people then here are some ideas for you:
Are your bridesmaid's in a fantastically saturated colour and the thought of giving them a bouquet full of colour seem a little over the top for you?  What about what this bride did?

Photo courtesy of Claudette Carracedo
The girl's were a stunning blue silk dress so we designed bouquets of vibrant green and white while the bride carried a multi-colured bouquet of roses, berries, gladiolas, lysianthus, delphinium and dendrobium orchids-makes a for a fun combination!

This next bride while having quite traditional colours, (red, white and tiffany blue) using them together is a new and modern twist!
Photo courtesy of Jasalyn Thorne Photography
The girl's dresses were a gorgeous tiffany blue so the bridesmaid's carried a tone on tone white bouquet while the bride carried a bouquet of vibrant red roses, spray roses and cymbidium orchids.

Are you thinking flowers should be all colour all the time?  This bride did too...
Photo courtesy of Sweet Pea Photography
Everyone carried a bouquet of reds and hot pink roses and calla lilies but we did add a bit of white to the bride's bouquet with the addition of white calla lilies and white dendrobium orchids.  The bridesmaid's in black dresses meant that the bright bouquets popped beautifully without feeling "busy".

A question I get asked a lot about is the use if dyed flowers to add brighter colours that you may not find, as readily, in nature.  My one caution is to not use dyed flowers in your personal flowers (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages anything someone may hold or wear).  A requirement when dying flower is for the person dying them to wear a large plastic bag, so not kidding!, because they weep when cut or can be rubbed into your clothes and once the colour is in your clothes it isn't coming out-EVER!  You've spent so much time looking for your special dress and then spent, usually, a fair bit of money on it and the chance of permanently staining it with your special "blue" flower is a scary thought-unless, of course, you love that colour so much the idea of keeping it with your dress forever is appealing to you then, hey, you go for it!  Think about adding wire, crystals or pearls in your special colour and then you can always add those colourful blooms to the ceremony arrangements or centerpieces.
We added some pretty blue wire, made to look like a traditional bow, to add some colour

Same wedding as the above picture and we added dyed blue roses and dendrobium orchids.  The blue delphinium is natural

It's so great that couples can now personalize their weddings the way they want, not like when I got married almost (oh my!) 14 years ago!  You have so many options now to add beautiful colour to your wedding and have it appear perfectly suited!  Do you love colour?  Will you, or did you, use colourful flowers in your wedding arrangements?

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